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Sriya Chintalapalli

XR Intern
Sriya is a 16 year old machine learning (ML), extended reality (XR), & brain computer interface (BCI) developer. She has developed various neurotech devices like brain-controlled virtual reality games, a brain-controlled AR Web Browser, and a system that allows you to type using your thoughts (hands-free) with sponsorship from OpenBCI. She worked with Neurable in an NDA-inclusive private opportunity, where she built features/experimental processes and pitched the same, for their new product release, Enten (non-invasive BCI headphones). She was then invited to write 3 whitepapers for Neurable on the creations. She’s also spoken about her vision at WEEXPO India, the Zappos All Hands, and Games Immersion Conference (G.I. Con). She worked to build a recommendation for the United Nations to increase female employment in the digital economy by 2026, with guidance from UN Women. Now she’s building the next ubiquitous interface.

My Presenters Sessions

Thursday, June 10

10:00am EDT