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Enrique Alejandro Fuertes-Cevallos

Private Technical University of Loja, Ecuador
Loja, Ecuador
My name is Alejandro Fuertes. I'm a student of Software Engineering from the Private Technical University of Loja, Ecuador. I'm currently studying the last semester of my career. I was the president of my career between 2020-2021. I am a member of the VR Club of our University since it was created.

About my experience with extended realities.

I've been working in Extended Reality for about 3 years. I've created many apps for the VR club, and others for the courses of my career.
I'm not a huge fan of the 3D design but I do it fine. My passion comes when talking about coding, developing the backend of applications makes me feel awesome. Once I run the apps and see everything is working fine relief comes to me and makes me feel proud of the job done.

I love Augmented Reality, this is the field I'd love to work in in the future. The facility to reach users all over the world where users just have to use their phones makes Augmented Reality a great option to make apps to help people improve their life quality.

My Presenters Sessions

Thursday, June 10

2:00pm EDT