Andres Burbano

Colmbia - France
Ph.D. in 3D image processing and embedded systems, Artist and researcher interested in 3D imaging, IoT, 360° media, A.I. and web XR programming.
Director and founder of the french digital artists association CANVAR which is part of the VA/AR French chapter; Co-founder of the South Virtual Univers Foundation; Co-founder and member of the board of directors of XR COL, the association of immersive, interactive, and emerging technologies of Colombia.
As an artist, he uses immersive technologies as a tool to produce and support social and research projects, giving them international visibility. Since 2018 he has been introducing 360° video and sound field technologies to scenic and music artists, through a series of workshops where artists can experience and learn the uses of the technologies as mediums for their art. As a researcher, he currently studies the impact on the uses of immersive technologies in the creative process of performance artists.

My Presenters Sessions

Thursday, May 27

10:00am EDT