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António Araújo

Aberta University
Assistant Professor
Hi, my name is António Araújo and I am a visual artist and mathematician working at Aberta University in Portugal.

I draw, research, and make software for drawing in spherical perspectives. I programmed Eq A Sketch 360, a serious toy to help you learn spherical perspectives. I also contributed the Eq A Snap tools for Microsoft's own app, Sketch 360.

I will be doing a 2 hour workshop on how to draw in equirectangular perspective using Eq A Sketch 360, or simply by hand with pencil and paper, to make immersive creations that you can then see in VR. You can also share these drawings on social media exactly as if they were 360-degree photos.

Please read the web page below so that you come prepared for the workshop. Before the session you will need to install and test out the software, or bring some physical drawing materials with you.

Here are the Instructions:


Hope to see you soon! :)