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Anthony Chaston

Mount Royal University
Associate Professor
Calgary, AB, Canada
I am a Team Leader and Event Organizer for Researchers in VR, a subgroup of Educators in VR. We host live research events including guest speakers, workshops and discussions each week in AltspaceVR. The goal of these events is to promote the development of a research community to support XR researchers.
As a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada, I will be teaching a 3-credit degree course called The Digital Frontier: Perception, Artificial Intelligence & VR in Psychology, starting in the Fall 2021. This course will be taught completely in Altspace VR.
I also conduct research into VR Nature Therapy. The goal of this research program is to see if we can us 360 nature videos and/or nature themed VR worlds to lower people's stress levels.