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Thursday, May 27

7:00am EDT

Language, Culture, & Heritage - Panel Session 2: Pluriversal Design Transitions for Higher Education Motivated by COVID-19
Pluriversal Design Transitions for Higher Education Motivated by COVID-19
Lupita Guillen Mandujano(1), Erdas Kuruc(2), Jun-Li Lu(3), Paola Sanoni(4), Xanat Vargas Meza(3)
1: Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Campus Xochimilco, Mexico; 2: Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus; 3: University of Tsukuba, Japan; 4: Kyoto University, Japan
This panel seeks to overview how immersive learning technologies can be used for Higher Education (HE) in several non-westernized contexts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the outline of pluriversal design combined with design transitions, we aim to explore how a world containing many coexisting worlds can resurge from the present educational challenges and become a fairer, sustainable place for everyone.


Lupita Guillen Mandujano

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Campus Xochimilco
avatar for Xanat Vargas Meza

Xanat Vargas Meza

Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
avatar for Erdas Kuruc

Erdas Kuruc

Senior Instructor/ Faculty member, Eastern Mediterranean University

Paola Sanoni

Senior Lecturer, Kyoto University

Jun-Li Lu

University of Tsukuba

Thursday May 27, 2021 7:00am - 8:00am EDT
Circle of Scholars Assembly Hall iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by Virbela
Friday, June 4

6:00am EDT

LCH W - 2 Augmenting Writing - An Exploration of Literacy In An Augmented World
During this session, participants will work through a series of activities which will demonstrate how to integrate augmented reality into Writing lessons. Through hands-on experiences, participants will explore the use of augmented reality to bring students writing, personally composed music and artworks alive creating an immersive experience for learners in the classroom. 

This is a unit of work focused on bringing together a range of key learning areas allowing for students to interact with learning in a range of different ways. It is expected that by the end of the session, participants will have developed their own story cube which can be used as a work sample if they choose to integrate this unit in their classroom 

This presentation is important and relevant as it allows for educators to understand how they can help students explore a range of skills including coding and content creation within augmented reality. By integrating these skills within writing, allows for an authentic exploration by redefining the task and increasing motivation and the development of future skills needed by students.

This workshop will take participants through step by step instructions on how to teach this unit in the classroom including composing music, creating digital artwork and creating an augmented reality experience. 

Participants will need to sign up for a free CoSpaces account to access using a trial code and download and print a Merge Cube. 

avatar for Jason Milner

Jason Milner

ICT Integrator, Knox Grammar Preparatory School
As a Primary School ICT Integrator across two campuses at Knox Grammar School, Jason leads teams and projects focusing on embedding a range of innovative practices utilising technology in education. For the whole schooling community, he has three areas of focus which are essential... Read More →

Friday June 4, 2021 6:00am - 7:00am EDT
Innovation Garden Studios iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by Virbela

7:30pm EDT

Language, Culture, & Heritage - Special Session 1: Recreated! A WebVR Tour of an Asian American Historically Endangered Site
Recreated! A WebVR Tour of an Asian American Historically Endangered Site
Keely Canniff, Dan Cliburn, Joshua Salyers
University of the Pacific, United States of America

NOTE: this entire session happens in Hubs and space is limited to 25.  If that limit is reached, you can still observe the session but not interact with the other attendees.
Join us for a virtual tour through a historically endangered landmark recreated in VR! Using webXR, participants will be guided through the historic area of Little Manila located in Stockton, California. Little Manila was once home to one of the largest populations of Filipinos outside of the Philippines. Unfortunately, most of the area was torn down to make way for the Crosstown Freeway. Today, only three Little Manila era buildings exist. The only way you can visit the historic town of Little Manila is in VR.


avatar for Keely Canniff

Keely Canniff

University of the Pacific

Daniel Cliburn

Professor, University of the Pacific

Joshua Salyers

Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific

Friday June 4, 2021 7:30pm - 8:30pm EDT
Mozilla Hubs
Saturday, June 5

9:00am EDT

Language, Culture, & Heritage - Workshop: Rhapsodies in the 5th: Presenting Noma! An XR Experience
Rhapsodies in the 5th: Presenting Noma! An XR Experience
Nyambura M. Waruingi
Akoia & Company Ltd, Kenya
RHAPSODIES IN THE 5TH is a presentation providing a case study on language, culture and heritage practices as a result of the emerging art-based XR experiences created, produced, and disseminated to audiences in Nairobi, Kenya. It gives a local perspective on XR artwork development, production, and distribution. The focus is NOMA! AN XR EXPERIENCE, a location-based experience.
The experience ran from Jan 23rd to Feb 4th, 2020, at the Goethe-Institut in Nairobi, featuring XR artwork produced from experiments with visual arts and VR and AR tools. In directing and curating this experience, I was interested in how these XR experiences would work on smartphones and via web, particularly in Kenya where mobile penetration is highest in East Africa and the internet more widely available because of affordable data packages.
In turn, NOMA! functions as a cultural site for linguistic and technological translations in the creation and production of XR artworks. In producing this experience, I questioned how to make technologies accessible outside of English and in a local manner. This focus on access expands the conversation to include: the use of readily available software and hardware tools, and XR artwork production targeting a growing audience/market of smartphone users, which would translate into revenue via web XR experiences, mobile apps, and locally produced headsets.
In summary, RHAPSODIES IN THE 5TH presents: the emerging XR art experiences in Nairobi, Kenya, giving artists tools to explore different encounters of their work; how to develop access to cultural experiences outside of the designated galleries, museums, and libraries; the function of local languages in expanding technological access; and, emerging knowledge on developing audiences for XR art experiences for web and smartphones in an environment where mobile telephony penetration is rapidly shifting the digital landscape.

avatar for Nyambura M. Waruingi

Nyambura M. Waruingi

Founder & Creative Director, Akoia & Company Ltd
Nyambura M. Waruingi creates, curates, produces, and collaborates across various artistic expressions, encountering unique ways to imagine new worlds through trans-media and immersive storytelling, and focusing on producing extended reality experiences. She is a cultural activist... Read More →

Saturday June 5, 2021 9:00am - 11:00am EDT
Innovation Garden Studios iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by Virbela

4:00pm EDT

Language, Culture, & Heritage - Panel Session 1: Immersive Storytelling in Virtual Worlds for Transcendence
Immersive Storytelling in Virtual Worlds for Transcendence
Philp Heike(1), Helena Galani(2), Doris Molero,  Amany Alkhayat (3)
1: Let's talk online sprl, Belgium; 2: Independent teacher, Greece; 3: Independent teacher, Brazil
With the advent of Virtual Worlds, new horizons have opened up for Education, especially so in the pandemic era. During this iLRN2021 Panel Discussion, we will present the main challenges addressed and the outcomes produced towards inspiring the participants to transcend previous achievements throughout our workshop "Immersive Storytelling In Virtual Worlds". For five weeks earlier this year, with moderators and 110 participant teachers, our EVO session focused on the skills, methods and techniques required for promoting the use of VWs for Immersive Storytelling in the new classroom. The affordances of a 3D user-created Virtual environment such as OpenSim can prove indispensable to the language teacher, educator, tutor, course designer or trainer moving their classes online or resorting to hybrid and blended practices, at any stage of the Educational system. The process of recreating popular narratives in Virtual Worlds can effectively accelerate immersive language acquisition by motivating learners to take charge of their own education with an avatar, in a creative, imaginative and memorable way.

avatar for Heike Philp

Heike Philp

CEO, letstalkonline
Heike Philp is CEO of let’s talk online sprl is an edtech and immersive learning integration specialist. Philp co-initiated four European funded projects on teaching and learning a language in real-time at a distance: LANCELOT (LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers... Read More →
avatar for Helena Galani

Helena Galani

(Online) Accredited Educator / Formal Assessor / TESOL Consultant, Hellenic Ministry of Education / Independent
Accredited TESOL/EAP (online) educator, Helena Galani (Dip. RSA, University of Cambridge/UCLES; M.A ELT, University of Nottingham) blends her lessons in immersive VWs for online, flipped and hybrid classes. She owns ELT Treasure Island, Kitely, OpenSim and taught/trained EFL teachers... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Doris Molero

Dr. Doris Molero

CEO, E-Language Center
Doris Molero (Ed.D) Passionate about language learning, instructional design, and related educational technologies, specifically 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments for situated, experiential, collaborative, project-based learning. Got her B.A. in Modern Languages from LUZ, holds a... Read More →
avatar for Amany Alkhayat

Amany Alkhayat

Amany Alkhayat is a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology and Media program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is the founder and Chair of Technology Enhanced Language Learning SIG and VirtuaTeLL EdTech conference at NYS TESOL. She is a Udemy instructor, teaching... Read More →

Saturday June 5, 2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
Circle of Scholars Assembly Hall iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by Virbela

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